Diane Tetreault’s front walk glitters with beautiful sea-glass, and shines as brightly as her warm personality. Her home is filled with books (lots of books!), exquisite quilts hand crafted by Diane, and a perfectly polished baby grand piano that her husband David plays while their cat named Bella lounges nearby.

Diane’s home reflects her own persona of warmth and intelligence. With a long history of teaching at various high schools and Bentley University, newspaper reporting and owning her own brokerage firm, Diane takes a very pragmatic view of supporting those in need. When she first met John Yazwinski, FBMS President & CEO, she was impressed with his compassion, but even more so of his practical approach of Housing First to ending homelessness, that she instantly became a committed supporter.

She recognized that the mittens her 8th graders made were a good learning lesson, but did not lay the ground work for what she calls, “smart philanthropy.” Determined to teach her college students competences that could be carried forward in  business while making them aware of the needs of those around them, she implemented assignments that required collecting specific items for various local non-profits, including FBMS, by using problem solving skills. The results were truck- loads of supplies and a “promise to remember” from every student.

Even after retirement, Diane says there is still always something coming her way and has never stopped finding ways to give and teach how to give. She is happy to say her legacy lives on from her work at Bentley, as a group of graduates that she had as freshman have formed their own non-profit group to continue the type of work they did in the classroom. And as far as her continued work with FBMS, she says she is always ready to help in a pursuit that is so meaningful in so many ways.

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