Below are some of our properties in Southern Massachusetts. This is not a full representation of our properties; we own more than a dozen homes and lease many more. We manage more than 600 permanent, supportive housing units across the region. Residents from any of the cities or towns on our Service Area Map are eligible to receive our services located throughout the region.  

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Envision Bank Home for Veterans in Randolph.

Envision Bank Home for Veterans, Randolph
10 units for Veterans

Sheila McIntyre House, Quincy
8 units for Veterans

Commander Paul F. Anderson House, Hingham
6 units for Veterans

Patti’s House, Brockton
Units for 2 families

Walton House, Wareham
Units for 6 individuals

Tom’s House, Weymouth
3 units for individuals

Jack’s Place, Brockton
20 units for individuals (10 for Veterans preference) 

Montello Welcome Home Again, Brockton
23 units for individuals (12 for Veterans preference)

Tribou Street, Brockton
3 units for families