Raised in Quincy, Sheila was like many of us. she worked, and took care of her family. Never did she imagine the choice she made 12 years ago to stay home to take care of her elderly mother would find her facing homelessness.

Due to unfortunate events surround her mother's passing and subsequent family discord, Sheild found herself out on the streets. At 58 years old with few skills, it was difficult for Sheila to return to the workforce. And with no other options for financial assistance, she turned to Father Bill's Place emergency shelter in Quincy for help.

Shiela was a guest at Father Bill's Place many years ago, before the organization's shift to a housing approach. Sheila says intially her expereince at the shelter was petrifying. Her bed assisgnment was "area" and she quickly discovered privacy was a luxury of the past. As she grew acclimated to a lifestyle she did not choose, she learned that there were many other guests her age, many down on their luck, with no place to go. Not wanting to leave the shelter during the day, Sheila offered to help out in the laundry room, folding sheets and towels. She asked herself, "Is this all there is? Is this all that my life has come to?"

Around this time, an opening at Claremont House in Quincy for women, developed and managed by FBMS, became available, and Sheila moved in with 11 other women. As much as Sheila praises FBMS's staff for their wonderful work and caring attitude at the shelter, she said having the ability to close her own door each night is the most important thing.  She has since moved on to subsizied housing in a quiet Quincy neighborhood which she shares with three other women and couldn't be happier.

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