Why Giving Matters

By supporting Father Bill’s & MainSpring (FBMS), you are having a direct impact on the individuals and families facing a housing crisis on the South Shore and across Southern Massachusetts.

We rely on our private supporters to help ensure that nobody is forced to sleep on the street or in their car tonight. In addition, our supporters make it possible for FBMS to provide individual-based care, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, leading to better long-term housing and health outcomes for our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Our supporters are helping build a stronger, more equitable community. 

As a result of your giving, together we:

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Provide emergency shelter (beds, meals, access to showers, health care, and other basic needs) to more than 250 individuals and 130 families every night.


Operate more than 700 permanent supportive housing units to formerly homeless individuals, families, and Veterans.

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Helped 293 families avoid shelter last year due to our homelessness prevention and diversion programs.

Beyond helping meet our day-to-day needs, your giving allows us to advance our long-term strategy, based on research and best practices, to transition from a reactive, emergency shelter response to a proactive, housing-based approach.

You are supporting our bold plan to end homelessness, not just manage it. 

“The staff have been very good to me. I am so appreciative of their help. I was so happy to have access to the kitchen where I cook real food for my family and wash all the baby bottles.”

Yudely, stayed in FBMS emergency shelter with her daughter and infant triplets. With help from FBMS, Yudley and her family moved into an apartment of their own.

Mother and Children sitting outside

87¢ of every dollar raised is spent directly on our programs.

Eastern Bank

“Homelessness and the affordable housing crisis in our region are urgent social justice issues, and inaction is not an option.” 

Nancy Huntington Stager, President and CEO of Eastern Bank Foundation, an FBMS supporter.

“When I was in the shelter, always they were very, very compassionate. … What I’m proud of is, I got a house. And that was one of my dreams.”

Bessie, former FBMS shelter guests and housing participant who went on to purchase a home of her own.

Amber and daughter

“This is very hard for me but considering the options, this is a great place for me.”

Amber, who entered FBMS emergency shelter with her daughter after fleeing domestic violence.

Bob Hughes

“FBMS has helped so many individuals, I’m happy and proud to be affiliated with this caring organization. I gladly support the work they are doing, and I hope this will encourage you to help as well!”

Bob Hughes, member of the FBMS Legacy Society

Woman holding keys in her kitchen

“You’re so used to everyone giving you a hard time, so to have someone actually help me get into a place was so rewarding. I’m so grateful for them (FBMS).”

Kim, who secured an apartment of her own with help from FBMS after she lived outside for 6 years.

Sharon Williams

“The reason I always stuck with Father Bill’s & MainSpring and what I always loved was their care for the people. They treat people with dignity and care. They are doing right by God’s people.”

Sharon Williams, FBMS donor & former FBMS employee

“We wanted to support Father Bill’s commitment to Housing First. We passionately believe in this philosophy,”

The Fitzgerald Family, members of FBMS Recurring Gift Club.

The Fitzgerald Family, members of FBMS Recurring Gift Club.