It’s never too late to find home

FBMS is seeing an increase in the number of elderly individuals coming to our doors for help. This includes, Richard, a Marine Corps. veteran in his 80s, who today lives in comfortable home of his own at FBMS’ brand-new apartment building in Brockton.

Seeking comfort & safety

It can be especially difficult for people living with a physical disability to find affordable housing that is also accessible. FBMS is making sure individuals and families with disabilities, like Maria, have a safe, supportive place to stay.

A stable path forward

Young adults experiencing homelessness often have a history of trauma and a lack of family stability. FBMS is providing the support needed to help young adults like Sadel develop the skills needed to become more self-sufficient.

FBMS is committed to ending and preventing homelessness in Southern Massachusetts with a range of programs that provide emergency and permanent housing and help people obtain skills, jobs, housing, and supportive services. We help people who are struggling with homelessness or are at risk of homelessness achieve self-sufficiency.